Travel while you are still young but traveling knows no age for an adventurous heart…

To travel, a word which excites most people. People travel for so many reasons, to have fun, seek adventure, to relax and so many more. While each of us have our own reasons, here are 12 very important reasons why we need to travel more often and especially while we are still young.

1. Unwind, Relax, and Rest

There is no doubt about it. A lot of people just have enough of a daily dose of the busy corporate life. Studies have shown that people who travel often tend to perform better at work. This is because when we travel we can leave our work behind and spend time to just have fun and relax. This is the reason why we have vacation leaves or simply called “VL” so that we can unwind and come back to work fresh. Think of it as a reset button. After the reset we can perform better.

2. See new places unknown to you

When you travel you get to discover new things and see places unknown to you. We get so used to the environment where we live in or where we are usually exposed; however, there are so many places we haven’t explored yet. Traveling allows us to explore the world beyond our comfort zone and expand our perception.

3. Reconnect with nature

For people who are used to living in the busy city life away from the mountains, forests, rivers and seas, we often forget the feeling of being one with nature. We are so used to being inside a four corner wall or see concrete buildings around us or breathe polluted air, an escape to the countryside or the rural areas could be a good way to reconnect with nature. Try going camping in the mountains or the woods, or at the shore, just feel nature and its natural wonders and you will feel lighter.

4. Spend quality time with special people

Some people travel solo, but traveling with your friends and love ones can be an awesome experience. When we are so busy with work we spend less time with friends and love ones so when we take a vacation leave we have all the time to spend with them without the disturbance of work. Forget about work, just relax, and have fun.

5. You have more time to think

When we travel our mind often wander around. This is also a good opportunity to think of things that previously we had a hard time thinking about. When we travel our mind often becomes clearer and calmer so we can think better and make better decisions to whatever needs decision. So whenever you feel that the world is on top of you, you have another reason to travel.

6. Learn new languages and dialects

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Another great reason to travel is that you get to learn new languages or dialects. When I went to Boracay on October 17 I took a van at the Kalibo Airport. I was surprised that the conductor outside was able to speak and understand Cebuano (dialect from Cebu), Ilonggo (dialect from Bacolod and Iloilo), and Tagalog (our national language) which is no longer a surprise.
But the most surprising of all is that when I was in Boracay the local vendors and activity guides there can even speak some Japanese, Korean and Chinese words while they sell their goods and services. This is mainly because they get to meet and talk to foreign tourists all the time.

So when we travel, we also get to interact with the locals and we get to hear them talk. The more we interact and read signs we can learn some of their dialect.

7. Learn new skills

If you are the adventure type of person who wants to go to extremes, you will be compelled to learn new skills like crossing difficult terrains, jumping off cliffs, climbing over cliffs or huge rocks or trees, starting a camp fire, building a tent or a tree house, rowing a boat, setting up a fishing line and go fishing, hunting, read maps and compass, finding directions, and so many more.

8. It makes you know yourself better

When we travel our mind works in mysterious ways that allows us to discover more about ourselves. We tend to think deep and we can reflect on life. We also come across many different situations and how we handle these situations reflect on the kind of person that we are, we may not know these before but the more traveling experience we have the more we get to know ourselves better.

9. You find yourself again

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Somewhere or some time in our life we get lost, depressed, in pain or just to be blunt, heart-broken. Taking a time off, going somewhere far away or wandering around allows us to reflect on ourselves and the situation we are in. Sometimes we get the wrong advices from friends which can make the situation worse, so going away to cool off can allow us to think better for ourselves. But sometimes traveling with friends can lead to more fun and may actually a big help.

10. Traveling improves your perspective

Traveling and meeting new people from other places, culture and ethnicity will make you realize that the way you have been looking at the world is not the same as everybody else does. Your point of views might have some limitations that others could widely see. Seeing the world for yourself will improve your vision and your grip on reality. It will improve or expand your perspective if you are open to learning.

11. Create wonderful memories

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Another good reason to travel is to create wonderful memories, especially when you spend time with the people who matter to you most. It’s fun when you go on road trips, conversation over a bonfire on the sea shore or at the mountains. It’s the experience that is priceless. Our life is about time so invest time in gaining more experience. Make them memorable as much as possible.

12. Seek adventure and face your fears

GoPro Cliff Jumping Selfie – Kawasan Falls Level 3 Canyoneering from Cebu Wanderlust on Vimeo.

I don’t know with the others but for me this is the best part of traveling. I’m an adventurer, I seek thrill and breath-taking moments. This is one of the reasons why I love to travel or go outdoors. I love the extremes, I love taking selfie videos while cliff jumping or doing something dangerous.

Most people are fearful and that is just normal but when you get to face your fears, let’s say jumping on a cliff or swimming in deep water, and in the end you make it. The experience will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you develop self-confidence.

I would like to end this article with a quote taken from the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which was played by Ben Stiller. This movie is one of the best travel related movies ever. It is actually one the biggest motivations for me to start this blog.

I highly recommend you to watch this movie and take time to reflect on this quote, memorize it and become a traveler.


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