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Do you ever wonder why burgers became so popular in the Philippines? Filipinos have developed a taste for western food particularly hambugers. It’s been popular for so many years that more and more startups are offering their burger product lines. One such startup is Burgaholic? Burgaholic is probably the best home-grown char-grilled burger venture in Cebu which is located beside Bordz, at Maria Christina Ext. St., Cebu City, just a walking distance from Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus and from Baseline or from Cebu Doctor’s Hospital.

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So what’s the story behind Burgaholic? This delicious burger venture was started by a young promising entrepreneur by the name of Juan Ismael “Budji” Arceo. Juan works as a talents Teller/Voice Talent/Events Host at the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR. Being an entrepreneurship degree holder who also loves to cook, he thought of the creative concept of opening a burger shop just at the drive way of his house’s parking space which is also visible along the road of Maria Christina Ext. St.

Burgaholic Burgaholic

Together with the combined efforts of Juan, his very supportive mother and father, as well as the patronization of his friends and customers, Burgaholic immediately became a sensation and a hotspot for burger lovers. People from different walks of life visit Burgaholic even late at night just to munch on their delicious burgers made with 100% pure Australian sirloin beef mixed with a combination of spices, special sauce, cheese and proprietary recipes. Just a bite of it will let you drool more as you taste the melting cheese mixed with some hot chili sauce.

Burgaholic Burgaholic

Burgaholic is literally a new kind of burger addiction. You may choose from the classic burgers which is made of 100% pure beef patty with lettuce, onion, cheese sauce and their special house sauce served in a sesame seed bun. If this can savor your appetite you can go for the quarter pounder, a beefed-up version of the classic plus bacon and Jalapeños. Or you’re really that hungry you can go for the half pounder and like there’s no tomorrow. Baconholic is also in the menu made of 100% pure beef patty, cheese, house sauce served with a copious amount of bacon in a sesame seed bun. Truly a bacon lover’s dream.

Burgaholic (15) Burgaholic Burgaholic

The new addition in the menu is the grilled pork belly, a 200 gram big AF slab of pork belly, seasoned with Burgaholic’s Signature Dry Rub slathered with their home made barbeque sauce served with hanging rice and a side of Achara (pickled papaya).

Burgaholic (1) Burgaholic


burgaholic best hambuger in cebu

burgaholic best hambuger in cebu

Today, Burgaholic has become so popular that offers for franchise have been on queue.

If you’re up for some quick grab of delicious, juicy, cheese-melting burgers, check out Burgaholic. It will surely become your new addiction.

Burgaholic is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00pm to 1:00am.


Location Map:


173 A M.P. Yap St., Cebu City
Phone number: +63-32-2540990


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