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We are just a bunch of good friends from different professions and walks of life who share the same interests. We love to travel to go for an adventure, either spontaneous or planned, we love to try experience the different gastronomies and we also try to immerse ourselves with the diversified cultures of the places we go.

We firmly believe that traveling is not to escape life but to live life. It is through traveling that we discover our other self, a perfect time to reflect, a sweet get away and experience our oneness with the beauty of this world. Living in Cebu can be both fun and tough, as a rising metropolis it has so much to offer and we love to share our experience in this beautiful city.

Living in Cebu, we would love to acquaint ourselves intimately with the Queen City of the South and visit all the places as much as possible. Our blog primarily focuses on the different cities, towns and tourist attractions from the north to the southernmost tip of the island.

We also give our reviews, commentaries, opinions and recommendations for Cebu’s rich and diverse culture, heritage, gastronomy (food and drinks), events and many more. In addition, we provide some inspirational articles to keep up the positivity of our readers.

This insatiable urge to travel, to live life to the fullest, spend quality time with important people and just be happy… this is why our mind, heart, body and soul want to live a life with wanderlust.


Travel, food, events and lifestyle bloggers based in Cebu City, Philippines.



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